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11 Ways to Improve Your HOA

As discussed in our previous blogs, we mentioned the difference between HOA and HOA Management. As a quick review, Homeowners Association or commonly known as HOA, is the group of people who are members of a community – whether volunteered or elected by the homeowners, whose responsibility is mainly oversee and supervise all community programs and projects. On the other hand, HOA Management is a professional third-party company that the HOA hires. We have also discussed 5 Keys to Successful Homeowners Association Management which can greatly contribute in building a better community governance especially in early stages of establishing HOA.

Just like in everything we do; we always aim to be the best. There will always be room for improvement! In this blog, we will discuss ways to improve your existing HOA. It is necessary to evaluate the roles, objectives, and existing responsibilities of your HOA to decide which of these aspects need improvement.

Here are 11 ways you can improve your HOA:

1. Revisit or review each of your member’s role and responsibility

In HOA, it is important to know the roles and responsibilities of each member (may it be the board of directors or the constituents) in order to evaluate if the tasks assigned to them are fulfilled and to gauge which tasks can be further improved.

2. Set regular meetings

In every group or association, communication is key! By setting regular meetings, each of the members can comfortably communicate to others about their issues and concerns regarding the community. In this case, any problem will be immediately discussed and will not be left unresolved. This will also lead to a healthy relationship among the members because they will feel well respected and relevant as their voices will be heard.

3. Update your existing plans for community projects and programs

It is important to constantly review your existing plans to ensure continuity and viability. You may update some portions if needed. Your plans can be affected by constant changes in our surrounding and society. It is important to be up to date on happenings in your community.

4. Add unique recreational programs and activities other besides your regular ones

One of the objectives of your HOA should be the unity and involvement of all your homeowners. To make your homeowners engage more actively in the community, it is recommended to create programs and activities that will bring out the neighborliness of each homeowner. This will allow healthy relationships among homeowners for a better community – it will be easier to implement future programs and activities if the board members and constituents are aligned.

5. Make back-up plans, and reserve some funds for emergency

Even if you plan something comprehensively, uncertainty is always present. It is important to have back-up plans because certain things may not proceed as initially planned. It is better to be prepared for unusual situations. This will avoid problems and minimalize any effects that will arise. Always keep in mind that prevention is better than a cure!

6. Regularly monitor your progress for every program

It is important to monitor the progress of each program or events in your community. By monitoring regularly, you can detect which programs or activities may need additional assistance financially or physically. This can help avoid delays and wasted resources – which could be used for other things instead.

7. Review and monitor your existing security protocols

The utmost priorities of every household are security, peace and order. There’s no stopping the progress of a community if the members are assured of their security. Facilitate the hiring of security personnel from reputable security agencies. Install security equipment (such as CCTV) in appropriate areas and assumed responsibility in monitoring and control of such equipment.

8. Monitor and ensure compliance to government regulations on community matters

Render assistance to homeowners on matters of taxes, licenses, and permits that require regular payments and compliance. Create a calendar schedule for this program to ensure real time compliance and avoid delays and penalties.

9. Update and monitor proper numbering of houses

A growing community needs a proper accounting of households to implement appropriate security measures.

10. Provide and facilitate janitorial services in common areas in the community

A healthy and lively community requires a clean and organized environment. By providing janitorial services, there will be continuing maintenance of cleanliness and orderliness. This will trigger discipline among the members of your community.

11. Hire a professional HOA management company

Although your HOA may be as successful as it is, it is always useful to seek advice or help from professionals. You may need assistance from a trusted HOA management company. They'll help you improve your community management in all aspects.

In improving your HOA, it is important to evaluate every aspect that has an impact on processes and progress of your community. This will ensure success and order within your community. There are other several ways to improve your HOA, what we have discussed are what we think are the ones that HOAs should prioritize.

Improvement, big or small, is still improvement! It is okay to take things one step at a time and make small progress rather than doing it all at once and make no progress at all. You just have to prioritize things that may have big impact on your community. The benefit and interest of the homeowners are the first consideration in deciding the programs and projects for improvement.

Aquity Management Group can help you achieve your goals and objectives as a community while at the same time maintaining a high standard way of living in a practical, timely, and long-lasting manner.


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